Asked by PINCHEZ to Sammy, Caroline, Marta on 14 Jul 2017. This question was also asked by 475hthj1732.
    • Photo: Sammy Wambua

      Sammy Wambua answered on 14 Jul 2017:

      Hi Pinchez,

      Interesting question. Very interesting…

      OK, religion is a matter of choice and one that isn’t to be dictated by what career one pursues. I know Science may disagree with certain religions in regards to, say, the origin of man and so forth. However, nothing in science is cast on stones and the very nature of science allows for questioning things, even science itself. I am a Scientist and I worship God. There are those of us who believe man evolved, while others believe man was created. I believe if evolution happens, it happens on what was created, but I am digressing… this is a discussion I would certainly like to have perhaps sometime if you still have questions.

      Let me know what you think…