• Question: why do baby when they are born sometime parts of their body are attached together

    Asked by cinderella to Sammy on 14 Jul 2017.
    • Photo: Sammy Wambua

      Sammy Wambua answered on 14 Jul 2017:

      Hi Cinderella,

      Wow, what a question… there so much to be said here about how babies form from fusion of two cells and develop to a multicellular being, but I want to let you learn all this in developmental biology when you join the university.

      Briefly though, fusion of body parts eg fingers (syndactyly) is caused by a failure of a process called interdigital necrosis which normally separates the fingers , during the 6th-8th week of pregnancy. And this is thought to be genetically determined.

      Please let me know if this isn’t clear yet or if you have further questions. In deed I haven’t had any other questions from you Cinderella!