• Question: suggest for me remedies for loose motion?

    Asked by da celeb to Caroline, Derrick, Mark, Marta, Sammy on 11 Jul 2017.
    • Photo: Marta Maia

      Marta Maia answered on 11 Jul 2017:

      Can you please rephrase the question? I am having trouble understanding what you mean by loose motion.

    • Photo: Caroline Ogwang

      Caroline Ogwang answered on 11 Jul 2017:

      Hi da celeb,

      The best way to manage diarrhea is by taking plenty of fluids. Oral rehydration solution (ORS) can also be used to treat dehydration(fluid loss from the body). These usually come in sachets and are dissolved in water, and replace salt, glucose and other important minerals that are lost if you’re dehydrated. You can also make a home made solution from a mixture of salt and sugar.

      You should not use antibiotics to treat diarrhea except in a few cases e.g. bloody diarrhoea and some types of diarrhea like cholera (which is usually watery diarrhoea of large volume and is whitish in colour (the colour of rice water).

    • Photo: Sammy Wambua

      Sammy Wambua answered on 13 Jul 2017:

      Treatment for loose motion is replacement of lost water orally or, in case of severe dehydration, intravenously, and treating the cause in which case antibiotics antidiarrheal medications may be given.